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File a claim

That's how to file a claim

PassportCard provides a unique model that circumvents the standard pay-and-claim system prevalent in the insurance industry and nullifies the need for out-of-pocket payments. However, if for any reason a specific Medical Service was not initiated and paid with the card, you can file a claim for reimbursement within 36 months of the date the Medical Services were provided. Please note our liability to pay a reimbursement on out-of-pocket claims is limited to the relative amount per Medical Service detailed in the Table of Benefits of your cover, subject to filing a claim accompanied with all receipts and proofs of service. ​ ​

Claims reimbursements will be processed up to 5 days upon receiving all the supporting documents.

Please provide the following evidence together with the claim in order for the claim to be processed:

  • In case of hospitalisation: The hospitalisation supporting documents (invoices, notes of fees)
  • In case of illness: the detailed invoices

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