How it Works?

Our insurance card is actually a debit card you can use around the world.
It allows you to pay for medical services such as doctor visits, purchasing prescribed medications, laboratory tests, imaging and emergency room visits.
With PassportCard, you’re not limited to a shortlist of medical providers, if a doctor accepts Mastercard they’ll accept you.
Out-of- pocket expenses or long reimbursement processes belong to the past.
All you have to do is contact us, we will load your card with sufficient funds and then you can pay the doctor with the card.

(Please note benefits in the USA are usually paid directly by our network provider )

No paperwork, no hassle

If you don’t feel well or had an emergency, the last thing you need is loads of paperwork to fill out. Just contact us 24/7 or log on to our real time autonomous app, enable your card within seconds to use at the physician and pay with no reimbursement requests of forms.

When you need medical help


Call us

Our 24/7 customer care speaks German and English. We will support you in real-time and can advise on the nearest clinic, doctor or ATM.


We will load the card

Our system calculates the amount to be charged for the services required in your country of residence. You do not need to know the price in advance! We have it covered.


Swipe the card to pay

The claim is paid in real time and the card is loaded with the required amount.

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