Going abroad as an expat? Our international health insurance comes with you.

Are you an expat, student or digital nomad planning your professional or private future abroad? Or do you even want to move abroad with your family for longer than 3 months?
PassportCard offers you and your loved ones comprehensive international health insurance coverage anywhere in the world.

With a rechargeable card that works like a credit card, you can access medical services worldwide as our customer, directly and without upfront payment. This flexibility allows you to freely choose doctors, medical facilities, and pharmacies.

With PassportCard, you are comprehensively covered around the globe.

Pay all medical expenses with PassportCard.

First class service

Are you in need of medical treatment as an expat abroad? Whether you are in Europe, Asia, or America – with our comprehensive health insurance coverage, you will receive top-notch care worldwide. Simply present your PassportCard and pay directly with the funds of PassportCard. You don’t need to advance any cash or send any receipts. We handle everything directly through PassportCard. Immediately and without any reimbursement stress or upfront payments. Additionally, benefit from our English-speaking telemedicine service 24/7 worldwide.

This is how it works with the PassportCard.


Prior to your doctor’s appointment.*
Call us around the clock at +49(0)40 46 00 20 222, or load your card yourself via the PassportCard Assist app! You can visit any doctor of your choice and pay directly with your PassportCard on the spot. 100% free choice of doctor all around the globe.


We top up your card.
We ensure sufficient credit. We will give you the PIN code for payment (via app or phone call). The claim will be settled in real time.


Upload documents.
You won’t need to fill out forms nor submit any receipts. Simply upload all your receipts and medical information to your PassportCard App.

* Some benefits are based on lump sums specified in the policy. In the USA, payments are made directly via the network partners’ means of payment.

This is how it works with the PassportCard.

Choose the insurance coverage that suits you.

At PassportCard, we offer an international health insurance specially designed for expatriates who intend to move abroad for more than 3 months or permanently. Our long-term international health insurance is your reliable companion whether you’re in Europe, Asia, the USA, South America, or any other country. We have the right long-term health insurance coverage for every need, whether you’re an expatriate, digital nomad, or student. Additionally, take advantage of our exclusive family offer: your children are covered free of charge for the first 3 months! (*)

Talk to us!

*Subject to terms and condition

Our entry level plan


Outpatient basic care and hospital stays.

The worry-free coverage


All examinations including dental, pregnancy and childbirth and a semi-private room

The top insurance


Includes single-bed room, transplants, psychotherapy and vision care.

Prices do not include dental coverage, coverage can be added to the Comfort and Premium plans.

Prices do not include dental coverage, coverage can be added to the Comfort and Premium plans.

FAQ - Services provided by expatriate health insurance.

Our international health insurance provides expatriates with comprehensive coverage for stays abroad lasting a minimum of three months, whether it’s for professional activities or for those embarking on a new life in a new country.

No. PassportCard provides comprehensive health insurance for trips lasting over 3 months, guaranteeing no out-of-pocket expenses or paperwork. If you’re outside your geographical coverage area, like in the USA, you’re covered for emergency situations for up to 60 consecutive days.

Yes, the minimum contract duration is 3 months.

You can be insured for life or for a specific period. The contract renews automatically every year, and you can cancel at any time with one month’s notice.

No, we will not cancel any of your current insurances.

Yes, with PassportCard, you are free to choose any doctor as you are not limited to any network.
(Please note for the USA: Cover plans for the USA include co-pay mechanism and do not include the use of the PassportCard within the USA)

Yes, with PassportCard, you have the flexibility to choose any hospital and consult any doctor you prefer.

Yes, we offer family insurance where up to 3 children are insured for free for 3 months with a minimum contract duration of one year.

Yes, you can request to change your plan at the renewal date.

With PassportCard, your insurance coverage applies worldwide, except for the USA, even in your home country. Insurance coverage is limited to the countries in your zone if your destination country is in price zone 4 or 5.

Any questions? We'll call you back!

We will be happy to help you personally. Just tell us the desired date and time and we will call you back.


Over 25 years of experience.
In 150 countries.

PassportCard Germany is part of the PassportCard Group, the leading international provider of expat health insurance. Founded in 1999, we have offices worldwide, where more than 750 colleagues take care of our customers’ needs. Our goal is clear: to provide you with the best expat health insurance in the world.

Customers in 150 countriesWe know the world and know what is important for medical care in your desired country of residence.

Personal contact person For us, our customers are human beings, not just numbers. We take care of everyone with the highest level of empathy and personal service.

Partnerships with AWP (Allianz), MGEN and Mastercard – Our strong partnerships enable us to provide you with exclusive benefits and services offered only with PassportCard.

Multiple awardsOur pioneering and customer-friendly solutions are repeatedly awarded prizes such as the German Innovation Award, the BOLD award, Best employer and Top Company awards.


Experience with PassportCard.

"From the very first contact, I was perfectly looked after. The explanation, comprehensibility, speed and solution - everything went great."

Experience with PassportCard.

"Your customer service is a great advantage for me because I can speak my native language."

Experience with PassportCard.

"I was impressed with how quickly treatment was approved and direct payment was arranged to the hospital. All of this happened literally within minutes."

Experience with PassportCard.

"Very useful and practical mobile app. Convenient to use debit card as insurance card."

Experience with PassportCard.

"The service is exceptional, the staff is very helpful and clear and solved the problems for me."

Experience with PassportCard.

"I would like to thank the team at PassportCard very much, especially for the wonderful flower arrangement! I have never experienced anything like this from any insurance company in my entire life!" Sonja

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