Expat health
insurance that feels
just like home

With 24/7 multi-lingual Telemedicine services to keep you safe from the comfort of your home

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Expat health
insurance that feels
just like home

With 24/7 multi-lingual Telemedicine services to keep you safe from the comfort of your home

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Your service around the world

Medical care that feels just like home

We offer you comprehensive health insurance abroad, 24/7 Telemedicine services including medical repatriation. In the event of a claim, we will take care of your health issues with our 24/7 customer service from Hamburg. You can also consult with an experienced medical team with our 24/7 telemedicine service with German doctors and a medically trained team from the comfort of your home. Wwe answer within only 10 seconds. We have a customer satisfaction rate of over 3.5 times the average of other insurers.


The innovation for modern expats

No out-of-pocket
for medical costs

Real-time payment instead of long claim processes. PassportCard pays your medical treatments on the spot in real-time. By paying with your Passportcard there are no out-of-pocket payments. No paperwork or long claims processing, no surprises.

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    Contact us 24/7 before your medical appointment. Please note the use of the card is not applicable in the US.

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    Load the card - we will load the card with sufficient funds to pay your medical bill.

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    Swipe to pay - Just swipe the card like a normal debit card to pay the Doctor and you’re done.


The beginning of a new age

PassportCard advantages worldwide
for the patient, doctor and employer


Free choice of doctors

You have worldwide access to health service on the spot. You can choose any doctor, in fact, if a doctor accepts Mastercard they’ll accept you. So, feel free to choose where you want to have your treatment.


We are available from our Hamburg office around the clock. If you need you can consult with an experienced medical team member over the phone from the comfort of your home.


Via the card we directly pay the doctor´s or the pharmacy´s invoice.


No Claims forms, No Hassle

No need to submit claim forms or wait for approvals and reimbursements. We will load money onto your PassportCard, where and when you need it.

Our plans

We have designed a range of solutions offering varied levels of cover to suit your needs in partnership with Allianz. All our products offer comprehensive hospitalization coverage, not only in your country of destination, but in the entire region it is part of.

  • PassportCard PREMIUM gives you peace of mind with our most comprehensive and best cover we offer with special benefits that keeps you well and show how much we care.

  • PassportCard COMFORT offers you all the benefits a solid expat-plan needs to have.

  • PassportCard COMPACT If you are looking for a basic coverage that covers you when you really need it – this plan is your choice.

  • Our plans include medical-travel coverage for emergency cases whilst you are travelling abroad, regardless of your chosen country of destination or zone of coverage.

  • Our plans include the benefit of payment with the PassportCard (not in the US), according to the card’s terms of use and the terms and conditions of the policy.


Der beginn einer neuen Ara




That’s What Our Customers Say

Your customer service is a great advantage for me because I can speak my mother tongue. I was looked after by Ms Sabine. You can’t get a better service than this. She called me daily to ask about my well-being etc. This was EXCELLENT service and everything went smoothly. Your company can really count itself lucky to have such good employees. Thank you very much for this first-class service and the kind and helpful words from Ms. Sabine.


That’s What Our Customers Say

What a service. I had to use PassportCard for the first time today - and from the very first contact I received perfect service. The explanation, comprehensibility, speed, solution - everything went great. My contact person stayed on the line until really all questions were clarified. I did not have to wait or call back again. What more can you ask for? I felt like I was surrounded by good friends or as if I had a personal assistant. Everything was done perfectly in my interest and I didn't even have to say a word. I wish there were many more companies like PassportCard. Thank you very much !!!!


That’s What Our Customers Say

I would like to thank you for your dedicated and professional care during my pregnancy and birth. In Australia I had a complicated pregnancy. I was accompanied personally and professionally by the customer service the whole time. I would especially like to mention Dar Batzir. The relationship with Dar began during my pregnancy, continued with personal support during my hospital stay, my birth and afterwards. I did not feel that Dar looked after me as an insurance customer care agent", but as a sensitive and caring person. It was a great relief for me to always have the same contact person in such a large company. The expert and sensitive care made it easy to handle all medical treatments so far away abroad. The bureaucratic effort was totally minimal and the reimbursements worked out smoothly. Once again my sincere thanks for this.


That’s What Our Customers Say

Your employees are incredible. Even if they don't have all the answers at hand, they do everything they can to help and find a solution. Their telephone availability is exceptional. There is actually no waiting time at all! My contact person was incredibly caring. She assured me at the beginning of the conversation that she would take care of everything. She called the clinic and in fact everything was taken care of perfectly. Excellent service, polite, sensitive and solution-oriented. It was really a pleasure. Definitely the best insurance company I have worked with in my life. Thank you very much.


Everywhere you go

Beyond borders, from any continent, you can choose to chat with us on WhatsApp whenever and wherever you need us.
Please do not send us sensitive or medical information over WhatsApp. For additional information please visit our Privacy Policy.
To start, simply add our WhatsApp number to your phone's contact list:
+ 49 170 210 1616

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