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Administration Services Only

Medical administrative services enable your organization to enjoy our full care management services, with full reach to our contact centers, management teams and the PassportCard payment solution by the members of your organization, and enjoying a comprehensive cost containment solution, without an actual insurance.

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Health benefits administration

With ASO, PassportCard manages your entire process of providing health services to your employees, including eligibility monitoring, customer management and network solutions, anti-fraud detection and 24/7 care centres that give maximum comfort to your teams with no hassle to your management members.

We manage claim payments in real time, through a claims fund that we build for your organization. Claims are financed by the organization under our cost containment mechanisms that reduce claim spent.

ASO solutions are perfect for large groups and enable savings in insurance premiums and in insurance tax that can add to dozens of percentages of the overall spending of the organisation on health provision.

Managing your claims

If you have a large group of covered employees – this may very well be the solution for you. Insurance companies are basing their solutions on the concept of decentralisation of risk. When the group of covered employees is large enough, using an ASO solution can be a cost-saving alternative to a conventional health insurance, with the additional advantage of offering greater flexibility.

Administrative services also enable you to have a quick and easy implementation while also designing your plan to your needs immediately – deciding what is covered and what is excluded from coverage.

Our operating centre and servers are located in Hamburg and we adhere to the strict GDPR (EU regulations of data privacy) provisions in full.

With PassportCard’s administrative solutions you have full access to our 100% internal care management centres with our exquisite service level of 10 seconds for phone response and 60 for chats. You choose the channel of communication.

Ready to increase your business success?

Wir sind Ihr verlässlicher Partner für Administrative Services Only (ASO), um Sie bei der Bewältigung Ihrer geschäftlichen Herausforderungen zu unterstützen. Als führender Anbieter von Geschäftsdienstleistungen stehen wir für Transparenz, Schnelligkeit und Flexibilität.

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