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PassportCard is happy to help you and your family, offering a Life and Disability coverage that provides you with a one-stop solution!

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It is important for us to provide you with a full and comprehensive solution that includes Life & Disability Insurance for you and your family. With most international private health insurances, members are not covered within the social health insurance anymore and are not covered for long-term sickness abroad. Drop this risk, we can support you with the right solution instantly.

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Your Life and Disability coverage with a one-stop solution!

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Life cover provides financial protection and security for the beneficiaries of insured employees, in the event of their death. Coverage is in almost every country of the world, providing special risk plans even in high risk countries, as long as you do not actively participate in an act of war. The only countries/regions excluded for coverage are: North Korea Syria, Iran and the region of Crimea. Benefit amount will be paid as a lump sum.

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Short Term Disability provides financial security to insured employees who are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of their own occupation due to an accident or an illness. After a waiting period of 90 days, this benefit will be paid monthly up to 2 years.

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Permanent Disability provides financial security to an insured employee who becomes permanently disabled as a result of an accident or illness. This benefit will be paid when the insured employee is unable to continuously perform the material and substantial duties of their own occupation and any suited occupation. This benefit will be paid in continue of a short term disability and till the age of 65.

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